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Must be 1 year clean

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Must be 2 years clean

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Convention Details:

Pre-Register and Save!

  • Online and mailed pre-registration closes December 31st, 2024. Registrations after December 31st will be available at the convention.
  • This year’s CFPC pre-registration merchandise item is a white long sleeve dri-fit t-shirt. This item is only available by pre-order until December 31st.
  • Pre-Registration (Before 12/31/2024):  $20.00
  • Registration (After 12/31/2024): $25.00
  • Pre-Registration Special Item Deadline: 12/31/2024

Important Info:

  • Remember, orders remain open until payment has been completed with PayPal.
  • If registering multiple people, please use separate basic registration for each person. This allows you to personalize each registration and helps us track registrations properly. Everything is paid together when completing your registration order.

Why Register?

  • Money collected from registrations are used to pay for service expenses. These expenses include hotel facilities, meeting rooms, workshops, speaker recording sales, service expenses, dances, supplies, food, printing, signs, travel, special services and much more.
  • Your registration helps support our primary purpose (5th Tradition) and keeps this event self-supporting (7th Tradition).
  • Newcomer donations also help cover registration costs for addicts that may need assistance.